When we speak about Ymer Shkreli, if we say that he is the (conditionally) most criticized and (undoubtedly) most rewarded author in Kosovo, we have said all: - this is enough for him, and the reader (definitely) has too much.


I can only add that, he lives in a foreign land, as much as he was a foreigner in his own life, always. He was a disarmed insurgent from the beginning. His biography should be spared, too. One last thing:


He does not deal with literary creativity, and he does not feel guilty that he was engaged in such for over thirty years.


"According to Ymer Shkreli, it’s Art to blame. He is not to blame for the Art" - says Ymer Shkreli.


What he wrote and was published, shown or broadcast, we will not list in order to save both: space and the author himself.

But, for those who are curious, here it is:





„Alter Ego”, monodrama, published by magazine „Fjala” nr 9 / 1969, Pristina

„Hotel Straw”, comedy, performed by National Theater, 1975, Pristina

„Illyrian Trilogy”, (three plays: Pyrrhus, Teuta, Genthios), published by „Rilindja”, 1977, Pristina

„Crows crow over the city”, published by magazine „Jehona” nr. 4 - 5 / 1978, Skopje

„Missal”, published by magazine „Jeta e Re” nr. 5 - 6 / 1978 dhe 1 - 2 / 1979, Pristina

„Debauchery”, published by magazine „Jeta e Re” nr. 2 / 1982, Pristina

„Black Zeka travels to Babylon”, published by „Rilindja”, 1984, Pristina

„Old Theater”, (four plays: No Pasaran, Rain guard, Mother goes to paradise, Deli Uka’s Small Theater), published by „Rilindja”, 1987, Pristina

„New Trilogy”, (three plays: Ulpiana 516, Sokol Shpendi’s Shpend Sokoli, Paradox), published by „Rilindja”, 1990, Pristina

„Heroes of the nation”, farce, Theater „Dodona”, 1993, Pristina

„Albanian with the hands in pockets”, monodrama, performed by SHTF „AKT”, 1997, Pristina

„Prometheus”, monodrama, performed by Arnelproduction, 2012, Tetova



„Dead Autumn”, published by „Flaka e vëllazërimit”, 1971, Skopje

„The man in the tail”, published by „Rilindja”, 1975, Pristina

„Death in the fresh air”, published by „Rilindja”, 1976, Pristina

„Devil’s plant”, stories, published by „Rilindja”, 1981, Pristina

„Meeting point”, published by „Rilindja”, 1982, Pristina

„Kosovo Rhapsody”, (four novels: Trojan Horse, Sleeping hero, Badbird, Black Zeka), published by „Rilindja”, 1986, Pristina

„Handbook for another world”, published by „Jeta e Re”, nr. 4 - 5 - 6 / 1986, Pristina

„Bridge of hell”, published by „Rilindja”, 1989, Pristina

„Azgal”, published by „Rilindja”, 1993, Pristina


Poetry collections:

„Thief’s diary”, published by „Rilindja”, 1971, Pristina

„Romanella”, author’s publication, 1974, Mitrovicë

„Febris”, published by „Rilindja”, 1975, Pristina

„I demand death punishment”, published by „Flaka e Vllaznimit”, 1978, Skopje

„Balcanica”, poem, published by „Rilindja”, 1980, Pristina


Children’s books:

„The moon is getting married”, stories, published by „Rilindja”, 1969, Pristina

„Princess of Dukagjin”, poem, published by „Rilindja”, 1970, Pristina

„Bring back my spring”, poem, published by „Rilindja”, 1972, Pristina

„Prince of Accursed Mountains”, poem, published by „Rilindja”, 1975, Pristina

„Bali Katravella”, novel for children, published by „Rilindja”, 1978, Pristina

„Diary of Lec Pazheci”, poem, published by „Rilindja”, 1979, Pristina

„Selected poems”, school lecture, published by Textbook Publisher, 1983/1999/2003/2012/..., Pristina

„Lec Pazheci: Autobiography”, humorous diary, published by „Rilindja”, 1990, Pristina


Dario dramas:

„Bute Bardhi”, Radio Prishtina, 1975

„The plucked flower”, Radio Prishtina, 1978

„Rexhas Rrushe at the end of the meadow”, Radio Prishtina, 1979

„Exodus”, Radio Prishtina, 1979

„Lokas Rexha in the horse manger”, Radio Prishtina, 1980

„Rusty flower”, Radio Prishtina, 1982

„Trap for a tear drop”, Radio Prishtina, 1987

„Letter without address”, Radio Prishtina, 1988

„The fog”, Radio Prishtina, 1988

„Desert”, Radio Prishtina, 1988

„The end of the game”, Radio Prishtina, 1989


For TV and film:

„Tubulence in Bukramira”, TV game for children, produced by TVP, 1977, (director: N. Istrefi)

„Diary of Lec Pazheci”, TV serial for children, produced by TVP, 1978, (director: F. Imeri)

„When spring is delayed”, film script co-authored with Azem Shkrelin, produced by „Kosovafilm”, 1979, Pristina (director: E. Kryeziu)

„However, the earth is round”, TV game for children, produced by TVP, 1986, (director: L. Daka)

„Cat Bum - Bum wanders the world in his sleep”, TV game for children, produced by TVP, 1981 (director N. Matoshi)


On theater stages:

„Alter Ego”, semi-professional theater 1975, Prizren (director: S. Prekazi)

„Hotel Straw”, National Theater, 1975, Pristina (director: L. Millosheviq)

„Genthios”, National Theater, 1979, Pristina (director: B. Sahatçiu)

„Tubulence in Bukramira”, for children, Theater of Minorities, 1981, Skopje (director: D Vellanoski)

„Rain guard”, National Theater, 1982, Pristina (director: F. Hysaj)

„Pyrrhus”, National Theater, 1983, Gjakovë (director: A. Sopi)

„No Pasaran”, National Theater, 1984, Pristina (director: F. Hysaj)

„Black Zeka travels to Babylon”, Theater of Minorities, 1985, Skopje (director: F. Hysaj)

„Deli Uka’s Small Theater”, National Theater, 1986, Pristina, (director: A. Sopi)

„Mother goes to paradise”, National Theater, 1987, Pristina (director: B. Sahatçiu)

„Sokol Shpendi’s Shpend Sokoli”, National Theater, 1990, Pristina (director: I. Qosja)

„Letter without address”, monodrama, Theater „Dodona”, 1992 (director: M. Qena)

„Heroes of the nation”, farce, Theater Dodona”, 1993, Pristina (director: F. Begolli)

„Albanian with the hands in pockets”, monodrama, produced by SHFK „AKT”, 1997, Pristina (director: I. Qosja)

„Black Zeka”, National Theater, 2007, Pristina, (director I. Qosja)

„Prometheus”, monodrama, ARNEL Production, 2013, Tetova (director: E. Xani)


Translations and compilations:

D. Eric: „Nichtingale and the sun”, children’s poem, published by „Rilindja”, 1969, Pristina

S. Mrożek: „Tango”, drama, published by „Rilindja”, 1977, Pristina

S. Bellow: „Victim”, novel, published in newspaper „Rilindja”, 1977, Pristina

G. G. Márquez: „In evil hour”, novel, published in newspaper „Rilindja”, 1978, Pristina

S. Bulajic: „Salajko”, novel for children, published by „Rilindja”, 1979, Pristina

E .L. Meadowcroft: „Davy Crockett”, novel for children, published by „Rilindja”, 1980, Pristina

K. Hamsun: „Hunger”, novel, published in newspaper „Rilindja”, 1981, Pristina

W. Saroyan: „Papa you’re crazy”, novel for children, published by „Rilindja”, 1982, Pristina

A. Hozic: „Wonder child”, novel for children, published by „Rilindja”, 1982, Pristina

„Fairy tales on the ladder, the duchy on the forehead”, 33 Albanian fairy tales, published by „Rilindja”, 1981, Pristina

„77 fairy tales of the world”, published by „Rilindja”, 1982, Pristina

„Nastradin Hoxha”, anecdote, published by „Rilindja”, 1988, Pristina

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